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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

We breed for physically and mentally sound Labradors for you to add to your family!

About Us...

We raise our dogs as family pets.  They live indoors with us and are a part of our family.  

We breed for beautiful charcoal and silver puppies. Fox red coming in 2021! . The fox red will be CKC registered & our full English will be CKC registered. Our other puppies are AKC registered,

Pricing for silvers & charcoals is $1,000.  Reds are $1250. Full English colored puppies are $1250. Regular colored (non English) puppies are $800. 

****UPDATE! We have decided to start breeding regular colors again in 2021/2022!!! See pricing above.  We have already started waiting lists!

All puppies come with their first distemper shot in the series and are de-wormed at 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks.   They are vet checked and  come with a 1 year genetic guarantee.

Our puppies are raised indoors in our living room. They are socialized from day one and until the day they leave. We breed for mentally and physically sound dogs.  We expose our puppies to different experiences such as the vacuum, gun shots, loud noises, etc to have well rounded and out going dogs for you to add to your family.  I am home with the dogs all day long and concentrate on their socialization and care. When they are a bit older, we expose them to being outside.  We have a heated and cooled building where they are taught how to use a doggy door.  This helps to teach them to go potty outside.  

We bring these puppies into the world and are responsible for them.  As a puppy buyer, you are part of the Osman Lab family.  We give you advice and breeder support and are here for you and our dogs.  If for any reason you cannot keep your dog, they are always welcome to come back to us. We NEVER want to see one of our puppies go to a shelter!  

We strongly urge people to find a breeder and to be patient and wait for a puppy if you like their past puppies and practices.  You need to use a breeder that you can trust.  We have references.

We do not keep business hours.  Feel free to email us anytime or call within normal hours (after 9 am and before 10 pm) to ask any questions you may have.  Please do not just show up at our home.  Yes, this has happened.  We have a private residence and do not keep business hours.  Whether you wish to see our dogs or not, we are NOT ok with you just showing up. We do NOT allow visitors to see our dogs and puppies due to their safety as well as disease.  

Our indoor set up:

Our puppies are whelped in our living room.  We stay at their side until they are done having puppies and we assist when needed.  The puppies are put on a heating pad and under a heating lamp in a basket while the mama dog focuses on having the rest of her puppies.  We do not leave their side.  When we are sure that they are done having puppies, we clean everyone up, change the blankets and get mama and puppies settled in together.  I sleep next to the box for several nights to make sure mama and puppies are doing well.  We miss family functions, birthday parties, some holidays, appointments, etc. to make sure we are with our Mamas and puppies when they need us most. 

We do not have a huge house, but we love our dogs and our puppies.  They are literally raised smack in the middle of our living room. This allows us to have constant contact with them and for them to get used to the everyday noises of a household. This also allows us to monitor each and every puppy to make sure they are healthy. Collars are put on them at birth so that we can tell them apart and monitor their health and weight from day one.  They get constant individualized attention and care. Their blankets are cleaned at least daily, if not more.  Their whelping boxes are sanitized as well.  We are the only ones who handle the puppies at this age for their own safety and well being.  They are weighed often and their individual pictures are taken weekly.

Our "outdoor" set up:

We have a designated area for the puppies for when they are about 4-5 weeks old until they leave at 8 weeks old.  We decide each litter when they are ready to start learning to use a dog door, etc. (there is no set age we go by)  The building they are in is heated for the winter, so they are never cold, regardless of the time of year. They are not put out in the area and forgotten about...they still get constant attention and care.  We pride ourselves in knowing each puppy individually by the names that you give them, and making sure that each and every one of them is outgoing and well rounded before they leave us.  By teaching them how to use the doggy door, they learn to potty outside before they leave.  This does not mean that they will not have accidents in your home, but this gives them a good start.  This also helps teach them not to go potty where they sleep and stay.  Thus far, every puppy has been trained to go outside via the dog door to potty outside before they've gone to their new homes.  Being indoors and outdoors also helps them get used to different experiences so they are not afraid of different environments. 

Their outdoor area has an insulated indoor part as well as an outdoor covered area that keeps them safe from birds of prey and predators.  Both the indoor section and outdoor section can be arranged and rearranged to accommodate several litters if needed.  

When they are a bit too young to be out and using the doggy door, they are put in the puppy pen in the yard for fresh air on nice days.  It gets them used to the grass and the outdoors, but they are only out for a short amount of time and then brought back in to their whelping box. 

Pictures and Updates:

I love to take pictures of the puppies.  I update you at least once a week with pictures of your puppy as he/she grows! I put them on the facebook page "Osman Labs One Big Dog Family" that you can join after your deposit is made. if you are on facebook you can pull them right off of there and save them if you wish.  If you do not have facebook, I can text them to you or email them if needed.  I also put random shots of the litter and cute random pictures on the facebook page as well....so if you are on facebook, please like the page -OSMAN LABS so that you can see the pictures! Once you have a deposit down or have one of our puppies, you can ask to join our private Facebook page "Osman Labs One Big Dog Family".  On this page you can share pictures of your pup, talk to other owners, ask advice, questions, etc. 

We love taking pictures of our puppies weekly for you all to see.  We got this cool rustic background for the pics from www.stikwood.com.  It's real wood with a sticky peal off backing.  So easy to install and it looks so cool!

These are just a few reviews from our happy families! All of the reviews are posted on our Facebook page "Osman Labs".

Policies/Waiting List Information

When we say our puppies sell quickly, it is not a sales tactic.  Every litter that we've had thus far has sold by the time the puppies are 2 weeks old, if they aren't already spoken for at birth.  We have never had puppies available for sale after that time frame.   We have put waiting lists in effect for our upcoming litters to help manage the litters.  If you wish to be put on a waiting list, please contact us to discuss what you are looking for.  If you decide that you want an Osman Lab puppy, discuss with us the possibility of sending a deposit to hold a puppy from a future litter. 


We do not put you on the waiting list until the deposit is received.  We do not chase people down or continuously ask for a deposit.  If you say you are sending one and do not, you are just not put on the list.  We do not have any issues selling our puppies and will not bug you for your deposit. :)

How the waiting lists work:

🐾 We require a $50 deposit to be put on our waiting lists. Your deposit will hold your place in line for when the puppies are born to be able to choose the type of puppy you are looking for. We can help you choose the best puppy for your needs if you would like our advice. An additional $200 nonrefundable deposit is due at the time of committing to a puppy from that litter. These deposits are totally nonrefundable. In return, we expect that you will not purchase a puppy elsewhere in the meantime or change your mind, because we will be turning down other buyers.  If you back out for any reason,  your deposit is nonrefundable. Please also check with your spouse, other family members, landlord, etc to make sure you are allowed to have a dog.  Also, some communities have rules on the number of dogs you may have.  It is your responsibility to check these things as your deposit is nonrefundable.

🐾 For those placing deposits, we can not control how many/what color/what sex is born.  If your color and sex preference is not born in the litter, you are moved to the next litter's waiting list if none of the puppies meet your needs.  We do not refund the deposit.  Osman Labs reserves the right to the pick of the litter for each litter if they wish.  People will be contacted in order of the waiting list to choose their puppies.  When you pick your puppy, a deposit of $250 non refundable deposit is due immediately.  The balance is then due in 8 weeks at the time of pick up at our home.  All deposits are non refundable.  If you are on the waiting list, your $50 counts towards the $250 deposit.  Deposits are due immediately to hold a puppy.  We accept Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Facebook Messenger payment, or check.  There is a $50 fee for returned checks.  All puppies must be paid for prior to pick up if paying with any method other than cash.  If you are on a waiting list and you choose to wait due to timing or whatever reason, that is absolutely fine....just understand you then move to the BOTTOM of the next list.  It's kind of like being in line for a candy bar and then you change your mind and leave the line.  You then decide to get in the next line....you are at the back of the line.  We want you to be ready for your puppy, so waiting is no big deal...we just want to make sure you understand the process! Keep in mind, we do not plan to breed forever.  If you choose to skip a litter due to timing, that's fine.  You can skip up to 2 times.  If you skip more than that, it's up to us if we wish to allow you to skip again.  

🐾 It is very possible to be put on multiple lists.  If I put you on the end of the list, most likely I'll already add you to the next litter's list that will throw what you are looking for.  This way, if there are not enough puppies to go around, or not the color or sex you're looking for, you still have a good position on the next litter's list rather than falling to the end.  Once you commit to a puppy, you are then pulled off of the other lists.

🐾 If you do not wish to be put on our waiting list, that is ok.  Keep watching our website and like us on Facebook (Osman Labs) for updates on the upcoming litters and what puppies may be available.  We do not contact people who are not on the waiting lists, we will just list any available puppies on our site and on our Facebook page.  We have the right to refuse to sell to anyone we wish.  These are our puppies and we are responsible for finding them safe, forever homes.  We have the right to ask questions for more information regarding your home and family. We have turned people away that we do not feel right about...we need to ensure our puppies will be safe and well care for their entire lives.


Visitation: I've been asked numerous times if people can come visit their puppy. The short answer is no. Here is why... 

The puppies are not vaccinated until they are about 7 weeks old. Having people come here to see them brings in germs and outside things that we do not want to expose our puppies to. Are we saying that they would get sick for sure? No....but there is a chance that they could and that's not a chance we are willing to take. For example...right now as I'm writing this,  we have 17 puppies here. That's 17 families from 17 different places, that's a lot of germs that can be transmitted in. Parvo can come from anywhere and it can kill!  Our main concern is the health of all of our puppies. It's just not worth the chance. Plus, there is my sanity as well! If we scheduled 17 different families to come visit their puppies, we would have no lives. It's a lot of work taking care of a litter, let alone multiple litters and we want to concentrate on the care and well being of the puppies rather than allowing people to visit. I know you are all excited about getting your pups...and that makes us very happy! Let us care for them and set them up for the first 8 weeks of their lives, and you'll have the rest of their lives with them to love on them and care for them. Thank you for understanding.

Guarantees:  When you pick up your puppy, you are required to sign a contract stating that you picked your puppy up and that it indeed is a healthy puppy. That contract also states that they have a 1 year health guarantee against major congenital defects. Keep in mind, we cannot control what happens when you leave with your pup and it is out of our hands as to what they are exposed to.  We stand behind the genetic health of the pups (within reason). So if at 6 months old to a year old, your vet says that "Fido" has bad hips and will have problems all of his life and its without a doubt due to genetics of the breeding, contact us and we will discuss the options of replacing your puppy.  We will NOT give money back and will NOT pay your vet bills.  However, we have to have ample proof from a licensed vet that there are huge GENETIC issues within the first year, we will replace your dog with another puppy. (and you can still keep your dog, we would never ask to take your pet back from you). 

Understand, dogs are like people.  Some have seasonal or food allergies.  That is out of our control. They are individuals and some just have these things, some don't. This is to not fault of our own or our breeding practices.  We will gladly give advice to help you, but we are not licensed veterinarians.  We give you breeder support if you have questions on these types of things.  This is not grounds for replacing your puppy. 

We are easy to work with....If you have questions, please ask ahead of time! Thanks!  

If you can't keep your dog:Please contact us and we will take the dog back or help you find it a new PROPER FOREVER home.  We do not want any of our dogs to end up in shelters or in the wrong hands.  I have 20+ years of experience in rescue and screening people for a good home.  

We promise you....they are worth the wait!

About Silver & Charcoal


There is a lot of stigma surrounding the silver & charcoal Labrador debate.  Just like with anything else, everyone has an opinion on everything. There is negative talk out there about dilute colored labradors. This includes the silver, champagne, white, fox red, and charcoal. Be assured that these dogs are as pure to the breed as the most common black, yellow, and chocolate colors.

When it comes to registering a dilute colored Labrador with AKC, UKC, and ACA, etc they are registered according to their “foundation” genetic color. Charcoals are registered to black, silver to chocolate,  champagne to yellow, white to yellow, & fox red to yellow. Silver labs have a chocolate coat as the base & charcoal labs have a black coat as the base. When you look closely you see chocolate fur, it’s just dilute in color. Same with the charcoal, you can see the black hairs in the coat. So just know, when you buy a silver lab, they are
registered as chocolates & charcoal as black.

In regards to the silver color, you will hear people say they are mixed with Weimaraner. They are NOT. Let me tell you, I’ve had some rude comments when listing puppies with those die hard “there are only 3 lab colors” people. Talk about rude. They call them muts, weim mixes, greyhounds, etc. They say that silver breeders “lie” to register them. All untrue. AKC has stated in writing, that the colors are supposed to be registered as their foundation color. You can not show these colors, however. Just like the Merle Great Dane. It doesn’t make then any less of a Dane, AKC just doesn’t allow you to show them. 

Although these uneducated people and their uneducated opinions anger me, I am not going to argue with them as it’s a waste of my time. Everyone is going to have an opinion they think is right and there’s no changing their minds.

On the flip side, I have people tell me how gorgeous my dogs are and people pay top dollar for silvers & charcoals. They are exotic in their looks. You get the beautiful silver color which is so unique.

My point of this little rant is to educate you. You may have people try to tell you otherwise, I’ve done my research. It’s all in genetics. Genetics is a complicated thing, but the bottom line is that silver & charcoal Labradors are pure Labrador, just dilute in color.  

The pictures below are of our past puppies. 

On the left is a charcoal puppy, on the right is a silver puppy. 

Fox Red Labs


Our fox red female


Our fox red male

We will breeding for fox red puppies sometime in 2021/2022.  These pups will be CKC registered. If you've read my rant on the silver page, you'll get how I feel about people saying that there is no such thing as any other color labs except black, yellow, and chocolate.  They are ignorant saying so in the fact that they have not done their research.  Fox reds, like silver & charcoal, are pure bred labs. It's all in the genetics. 

We actually have past puppy owners (especially haha) and others wanting us to start a waiting list for these pups!  Inquire if interested.  We are thinking sometime in early 2021 we should have red pups.  

Our Dogs


Nelli is AKC registered and has given us beautiful litters of puppies.  She's a great hunting dog and loving family pet.  Nelli is now retired and will remain with us as a family pet.


Georgia is the newest addition to our pack.  She's from a gorgeous Mom, "Miss Money Penny" & an awesome stud, "Rusty Big Revenue".  She will be paired with our gorgeous red male when she is of breeding age.


 Gracie is AKC & ACA  registered.  She is a gorgeous female out of a charcoal dad and a silver mom.  Gracie has a great temperament and we just adore her! She just had her first litter in December 2019 and she had a gorgeous litter of silver and charcoal puppies!


Scarlett is an AKC registered silver female.  She is the sister of Gracie.  We loved Gracie's temperament and build so much we decided to go back and get Scarlett too!  She's very sweet.  She just had her first litter in December 2019 and she had a litter of gorgeous silvers!!!! 


Drake is "the main man"! He is AKC registered. He is our silver stud male. He is super laid back and calm....sometimes lazy! He LOVES attention and would snuggle all day if he could! He hunts with my husband at times. He is such a good boy! Drake has sired several litters so far and they've all been gorgeous healthy dogs. He seems to produce very large stocky dogs. We currently do NOT offer stud services. There is just too much involved and we have chosen not to offer this service.


Dixie is an AKC (and dual registered CKC) Full English chocolate female.  She has joined our family and breeding program when of age.  She has Champion bloodlines. Her father is a white lab and is PenHip Certified and her mother is black. She should be able to have chocolates, blacks, and yellows.  We can't wait!


Red is CKC registered. He will be our fox red stud male. Red is out of a red dam and red champion sire.  His sire is PenHip Certified. We have added Red to our breeding program to start producing fox red puppies in 2021. We currently do NOT offer stud services. There is just too much involved and we have chosen not to offer this service.

Available Puppies

No available puppies at this time.

Please check our Facebook page, Osman Labs for the latest updates and photos, as well as availability.  Even if you don't have Facebook, the page is public and you should be able to view it.  

Thank you!

Planned Litters

Eva x Drake

This is will Eva's LAST litter.  She and Drake make the most gorgeous silver puppies!  It's time for her to retire and live as a pet after this last litter.  We do have 11 people waiting for their puppies. The list is most likely full.  We will list any available puppies here and on the Facebook page. 

We expect this litter to be born sometime around mid to end of April.

Scarlett & Drake

Scarlett just had her first litter (12/13/19).  She had a litter of beautiful silvers! Depending on when her heat cycle is, and depending on demand...we may choose to skip that heat and just breed Gracie (below). IF we do decide to breed her, it will most likely be around late Summer/early Fall.

Gracie x Drake

We will most likely breed Gracie with Drake when she's in heat next.  Most likely late Summer, early Fall for her  litter.  She just had the most gorgeous litter of charcoals and silvers with Drake (12/17/19).  They are impressive!  If interested, get on the list!!!!

2021 Plans: 


We will be breeding Dixie and Red for FULL ENGLISH puppies in late 2021/early 2022, when they are of breeding age.  We have a waiting list started for these puppies.

End of 2021/Early 2022


We will be breeding Dixie and Red for FULL ENGLISH puppies in late 2021/early 2022, when they are of breeding age.  We have a waiting list started for these puppies.

Georgia x Red- FOX RED PUPS

We will be breeding Georgia and Red for fox red puppies in late 2021/early 2022, when they are of breeding age.  We have a waiting list started for these puppies.

Past Puppies

Even though our website now seems built around breeding silver, charcoal, and red puppies....we will never forget where we started! We started with Nelli & Drake and breeding for chocolate, yellow, and black! We have produced some gorgeous puppies!

***We have just decided to continue breeding for these colors as well, starting back at it in 2021/2022!

Pictures of our past silver/charcoal puppies are on the silver/charcoal page. 

Why We Do What We Do...

Many people think that because you breed dogs, you do it for the money. If you properly care for the puppies from birth to 8 weeks, you really do not make much money at all...and if there is a sick pup or a difficult whelping, you may even be in the "red". We do not breed our dogs to make a quick buck.  

We spend countless sleepless nights if any of our females are in labor or showing signs of being close to giving birth.  We continue to stay with them by their side through the labor and delivery process, as well as when the puppies are first born.  We've spent countless nights sleeping beside the whelping box to make sure everyone is ok.  There is also heart break at times when a puppy comes out not breathing and we are unable to resuscitate. Breeding is definitely not easy and not for the weak at heart.

I used to be a veterinary technician for many years. I know how to properly care for the health of my dogs. Also, being in that field of work, you see many dogs who are afraid of their own shadow or who are vicious because they are scared or aggressive. Our mission is to breed for well-rounded healthy dogs, both physically and mentally. Our puppies are exposed to loud noises, vacuuming, gun shots, indoors, outdoors, etc.  We expose them to everyday life so that when they leave us, they have a good start. 

Also, the pictures on this page are why we do what we do! People ask us all the time how we are able to give up these adorable puppies at 8 weeks old. This is why. The love and happiness they bring to other families. We have witnessed tons of families seeing their puppies in person for the first time. We've seen adorable kids surprised by a puppy they had no idea they were getting. We have seen a gentleman hold his Father’s Day gift and melt when the little pup licked his face. We see teenage kids happy & adults happy. This is why we do what we do. ❤️ Thank you to all of you families who have entrusted us to raise your future family member for you for the first 8 weeks. We produce these dogs for them to be perfect members of your family! They grow up with kids, or in a home where they are the "kid". We love to watch our puppies grow through pictures and updates and we absolutely love to see pictures of them in their new homes with their families!

THIS is why we breed! YOU are why we breed!

Helpful Links & Advice

We order almost everything from www.chewy.com  We do not get any "kickback" for saying that...we just love their site and everything is delivered FAST right to your door!  This includes the heavy bags of dog food!

Crate Training 101:

Crate training can be a nightmare!  I've only met a handful of dogs that actually like the crate at first!  We suggest that you do short training sessions over the first few days to a week until they get it if you can. Sit on the floor outside of the crate and put puppy in the crate.  Sit and pet them for a few minutes and then close the door.  Leave them in the crate for 10 minutes or so.  They may scream and cry...but they have to get used to the fact that they are safe in there and that you are coming back for them.  Then let them back out (it's best to do it when they aren't making noise, but sometimes they don't stop).  Do this several times a day until they get used to going in.  Some helpful tips are to cover the top and 3 sides, only leaving the front open so it's more like a den. This helps some puppies.  Giving them a few safe toys helps give them something to do.  Taking home a blanket or a towel that smells like their litter mates also helps with training.  

House Training 101:

Having a new puppy in the house is like having a baby for awhile!  You WILL lose sleep!  It doesn't take long, luckily, to house train your pup.  We train them to use a dog door and get them used to going outside to do their business. We've found that 100% of the time, the puppies are going outside when they leave here.  Does this mean they won't have accidents for you? NO!  They are puppies and will have accidents. That is normal. Most of the time, when they potty in the house, it's our fault for not watching them closely enough.  If you can't watch the puppy and you're busy doing dishes or cooking dinner...the best thing to do is to crate them until you can watch them.  This really is best while potty training.  Always let them out as soon as they wake up in the morning and from naps (carry them if you have to, to get them out fast enough!).  Also after extensive play time is best to take them out.  Every half hour to an hour is best until they get it!  

Taking Your Puppy Home: 

Puppies go through a lot when they first go to their new homes.  Everything is new. They are with new people, new pets, new smells, etc.  It can sometimes be a culture shock.  Here are a few tips that may help ease your puppy into their new home:

1.  It's ok if you don't like the food we have them on and want to feed something different.  Just try not to change everything at once.  We suggest you wait a few weeks to a month to even change their food, but if you must, you can change it right away...just do it SLOWLY.  Start with mostly our food, and start slowly increasing the new food (maybe a small handful at a time) and decrease the old.  Stick with the same ratio for several days at a time...do not change the ratios every day!  Try to change the food over several weeks time, not in one week.  You will upset their little bellies.  Sometimes they have sensitive bellies too like people.  The food you may want to use may not agree with them (certain things like chicken) and they could have food allergies.  Try to stick with what works and don't give them any additives from anything else. (meaning do not put coconut oil on their food if they have sensitive bellies, etc)

2. Poop.  You can tell a lot from poop.  They may get diarrhea.  Usually I try to deworm them by 7 1/2 weeks old so it is done several days before they leave.  They are de-wormed at 2, 4 6, & 7 1/2-8 weeks old.  Depending on the stage of the worms, we don't always get them all.  Take a fecal sample in when you take your pup to the vet for their first visit.  Worms can cause loose stool.  Sometimes they just get upset bellies from all the change. That's ok too. Just make sure you are watching them and making sure they don't get dehydrated and make sure they are otherwise acting normal and are not lethargic.  If something seems off, call the vet. (See tips and advice page about coccidia)


****It is best not to take your puppy out in public until they are done with their booster shots.  They leave here with their first distemper shot.  That will NOT completely protect them!  It's best not to take them to pet stores, dog parks, etc until they are fully vaccinated. It's ok to let them around family dogs that are vaccinated and healthy. This is just until they are done with their series of shots. We suggest completely the distemper series obviously, the rabies needs done after 12 weeks of age....and we suggest the lyme series to help protect against Lymes Disease.  

We always have liquid Pepto on hand (for diarrhea),  Hydrogen Peroxide (to induce vomitting) and Benedryl (for bee stings or allergies) just in case of an emergency. It's also a good idea to have corn starch or styptic powder on hand if you clip the nails yourself. (to stop bleeding)

***We are NOT veterinarians.  Always consult your vet if you have questions.  Here is what we find useful to have on hand when owning a puppy/dog.  Click on the photo to enlarge.  


We use Victor Professional for the puppies.  That is what they will leave on. If you choose to switch it, that's fine...just do it slowly. 

https://www.chewy.com/victor-professional-formula-dry-dog/dp/120686 <<<<<<here is the link for this food.

Our puppies leave completely weaned (usually by week 4/5...and eating dry food.  No need to add any water.  By the time they leave, they are eating twice a day.  We don't usually measure for that age...we just leave it down for about 15 minutes and then pick the food back up.  It's best to feed as early in the evening as possible so that the puppy has time to potty before bed.  When they first come home, they usually eat and immediately need to go out to potty.  Keep them at twice a day until they are probably 6 months old or so, then you can go down to once a day feedings.  


***In the summer, we have our adult dogs on the Victor Multi-Pro Dog Food (maintenance formula/yellow bag) because they need less protein during the hot weather months.   The Multi-Pro Maintenance formula (yellow bag) (is about $44.64 per 50 lb bag through chewy.com on auto ship.  It is highly digestible and requires less food intake to meet energy demands of active dogs.  It is made with premium quality beef, chicken, and pork meals for normally active dogs and off season/lower activity dogs.  It is made with gluten free grains. Victor makes a bunch of different formulas, this one is a good food and is cost effective for multiple dogs.  This formula is great for all of our pack.  The Professional formula (purple bag) tends to put weight on the dogs....so we stick to this formula usually unless they are nursing).  There is always a feeding table on the back of the bags.  We feed our adult dogs 4 cups or so per day, once a day.  

https://www.chewy.com/victor-multi-pro-dry-dog-food-30-lb/dp/129299  <<<<<<here is the link for this food.

Toys: We LOVE Kong toys (both the rubber and the stuffed animals! We also LOVE Nylabone toys. (the HARD toys, not the flexible/edible ones).  We also use stuffing free toys as well.  We find that our dogs LOVE to chew on antlers too! Stay away from rope toys when the dogs are unattended.  As a vet tech, I've seen nightmares with stuffing and rope!

Flea & Tick: We use K9 Advantix II. Make sure you buy and use the correct weight for your puppy/dog! They have sizes from puppy to grown large dog.  

*********We suggest getting a heartbeat puppy for your new member of the family.  It simulates mama or litter mates heart beats and helps them transition into their new homes.  They sell them on Amazon and Chewy.  Amazon actually has a few different breeds/color choices.

Chewy:  https://www.chewy.com/smart-pet-love-snuggle-puppy/dp/135566

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/SmartPetLove-Snuggle-Puppy-Behavioral-Brown/dp/B000C9YHFS/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=heartbeat+puppy&qid=1562636024&s=gateway&sr=8-3


Sometimes people contact us after they take their puppy home with questions. We do our best to help you with the adjustment. Remember though, they are puppies- it's like having a new baby! Here are a few tips (remember we are NOT licensed vets and when it doubt, call your vet if you think there is something wrong.)

1. What food do I buy and d
o I add water to the food?
Victor Professional (purple bag).  The link is on the helpful links page. Do not add water.  We make sure they are completely weaned weeks before going home. They are on DRY food only with no need to add water.

2. How often should I feed?
I suggest 2 times a day. 3 if you would like and you are home to let them out often. I put the food down (do not measure or limit them at this age) for x amount of time and then let them eat as much as they'd like in that time frame. Take them out to potty immediately after. Limiting them to 2-3 feedings a day helps with the potty training as well. I'd start to measure the amount fed when they hit about 5-6 months old. You do not want a fat lab, it's bad for their joints. They will get fat easily. I suggest NO treats unless training and only give them the recommended amount of food once grown.

3. "Fido" has diarrhea or is vomiting.
If you are really alarmed, call the vet. But the question I ask you is....a) are they eating and drinking? b) are they peeing and pooping? c) are they active and acting like themselves? (this helps rule out blockages). If yes, they are acting fine, and you aren't overly alarmed....you can give some pepto to coat their belly to see if that helps. The other thing is to keep a close eye on them. When it doubt though, call a vet. They didn't leave here sick, so it has to be something they ate, change in environment, change in food, or maybe they screamed in a crate all day and just have themselves worked up).

Non-Medicinal Treatments for Diarrhea: (remember we are not veterinarians...always consult your vet if you have questions!!!!!)

If your puppy has liquid/water consistency to stools, and not solid or pudding type stools, it's time to contact a vet. Liquid stools are a sign of bad diarrhea, and could lead very quickly to dehydration. Dehydration can lead to death. So, totally liquid stools are not to be taken lightly. See or contact a vet.

But for "soft" stools, there "usually" is not a danger to the puppy requiring a vet trip. If you had soft stools, would you go to the doctor? If a puppy has "soft" stools, with a consistency like pudding, as long as the puppy is drinking fluids to prevent dehydration, the concern is much, much less.

Remember, I am not a vet and don't recommend anything. These are just things we've tried or heard of. These ideas might not fix the problem if the cause is a protozoa, but they can help control diarrhea in general:

  • Plain or vanilla yogurt (with cultures). 
  • Pepto Bismol (2 to 4 times daily for a couple days, 1 cc to 3 cc's each time, depending upon puppy's size...I have heard 1 tsp per 10 lbs is also a common dosage). Along with this, you can offer Pedialyte to help prevent dehydration.
  • Bland diet: rice flavored by boiled chicken for two days (bland foods). Boil rice with a chicken breast for 20 mins (1 c rice, 2 c water, 1 chicken breast). 
  • Canned pumpkin

About Coccidia  Pronunciation: (cock sid' ee uh)

I am not a veterinarian, and do not wish for you to use this information to diagnose a problem. Instead, it is offered as "food for thought" for responsible and educated dog owners. 

What is it?: Coccidia is a protozoa that causes diarrhea in puppies and that occurs usually when they are stressed.

What Causes the Symptoms? About 60% of all puppies have coccidia parasite in their digestive systems.  Many puppies are never physically affected by this protozoa.  Stress (such as when a puppy leaves its litter mates for a new home) can cause the coccidia to flourish, and this can lead to diarrhea. 

4. "Fido" is being too rough with my kids.
He/She is a PUPPY! They are KIDS! Please please please only let kids with a puppy when supervised. The puppies usually like to play rough and bite and play with their litter mates. This is normal. They need to be taught by you that this isn't acceptable behavior. If you cannot watch them and are busy, crate them! The crate is a valuable tool while house training and puppy training. You can't expect to leave young kids with a puppy and it all go ok all of the time. It's best to crate the dog!

When in doubt, please call your vet.  We are not veterinarians and these tips are just ideas.  Always consult a licensed veterinarian if you have questions and issues.  

Pick Up Information:

📍When you pick the puppy up, you’ll be getting a folder with the shot and deworming info in it, vet info, and AKC paperwork, as well as a frequently asked questions page. They will have had their first distemper shot, and were dewormed at 2,4,6,&8 weeks. I also have them pretreated to try to prevent coccidia. At 12 weeks old, they will need another distemper shot, rabies shot, and I would suggest the Lyme series.

📍Puppies are on Victor Professional. Purple bag. No need to add water. I would feed twice a day. I don’t measure the amount. I would just put it down for “x” amount of time and then pick it up.

📍They don’t need to go to the vet until 12 weeks of age. They will need another distemper shot, rabies, and I would suggest the Lyme series.

📍The puppies will be bathed before they leave. You can put Frontline or Advantix II on them safely, the day after taking them home. Pay attention to the weight on the package as this is by weight.

💩 Taking new puppies home is very stressful. They have been dewormed with Nemex 2 (pyrantel pamoate) 4 times as well as Corid for coccidia. This doesn’t mean they won’t have worms. Hopefully they don’t, but they shed at different times and stages and sometimes you just don’t get them all. They also can be brought on by stress. Puppies are stressed when they first leave their littermates. If you’re seeing diarrhea, and it persists, you should take a stool sample to the vet to have a fecal test done.


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